First Post : Why I don’t write

Hello to writing again! And Happy 2017!

First time in a while since I had taken to blogging again, and not for any particular purpose than to write and let some thoughts out.

Maybe the mistake last time was that I had an agenda– not that it’s bad to have a blog that was focused on something– but in a way, that stifled the things that I wanted to write about. Many times I found myself filtering my own writing because it did not fit the blog’s image. In any case, here’s to a first entry!

I had always wanted to be a writer, but today I got to think about the many conditions I had set since I was in highschool about becoming a “serious writer” (whatever that means).

In highschool and college, I said to myself that when

  • I began working, and having my own income
  • I had my own, portable laptop (so you can guess how old I am now)
  • I had my own place or apartment where I lived alone

Guess what, I had all those things for the past five years, and did any “serious writing” come to pass? NO.

Instead, I kept changing the conditions:

  • If I find time for it during the week
  • When I get to have that portable tablet + keyboard set-up
  • When I find a coffee shop to be alone and work

See, here’s the lesson I had to pick up on five or ten years later:

That in any serious goal or craft you want to achieve, you HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR IT. Enough with the conditions. Now, and whatever you have at the moment will have to suffice, because otherwise other things are going to take up your attention. The problem with my serious writing not getting anywhere were not the conditions I found myself in, but that I had not really been serious about it at all… that is, I did not balance my time, or prioritize my activities in such a way that was deliberate.

No regrets, however. I think I also needed those past years of experiences, mistakes and failures to actually have SOMETHING to write about.

So cheers to 2017! And here’s to prioritizing goals and what truly matters.


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