Pass the Aggression, Please

I wonder how many posts and public opinions will remain online if it required the following things:

– Cannot contain profanity

– Should not be offensive, or use offensive content directed to specific groups

– Should have facts if uses the statement “as a matter of fact” and “literally”

– Cannot have more than 3 grammatical errors (this includes punctuation)
I’m not sure if it’s just the feed that I’m seeing, but it seems so easy to post “critical” (more like offensive) opinions that try to present themselves as the “decent way that people do __(insert whatever the rant is about)___”.

The best therapy, and it seems that my cousin’s psychiatrist required it to ease her anxiety, would be to detox from the social media stream or filter out the negative “critical opinion” posts that you see.

This is not to say that people should not use social media to discuss or debate about contemporary issues, in fact I think that’s a great way that social media could be used. However, there is a time and place for such discussions. It’s no surprise also that public debates are usually within a controlled environment– that’s because people can get emotional and “fired up” over their perspectives. The difference on social media is that there’s no avoiding that it could be your friend’s or relative’s personal opinion (and no one asked for it) but there it is. 

Sometimes I wonder about where humanity is going as well, when all these useless arguments online take place while real problems continue to happen and actually take lives. 

Just today, one of my friends posted yet another reported “arrest” of alleged drug users/pushers who were killed right there– right in front of their families. 

Hello, this is the Philippines, and I swear majority of this population would claim itself to be Catholic or Protestant Christian– Christian… but I have no idea if majority of this population also leaves it when they exit the church they worship in and go back to trying to survive every day. 


Parallel Universes

I recently got into the Doctor Who series, and it’s the best thing that my escapist mind could look for.

But sometimes, I do wonder if it’s possible. Maybe not so much the time-travel, “timey-wimey” stuff, but parallel universes. Consciousness that exists in a different plane, at a different place– or maybe receding memories from previous generations.

The idea of reincarnation never really appealed to me; life seems so much more tiring and loathsome with the thought that you’re making up for a past mistake. Recently, I heard of a theory that it’s possible to transmit memories through genetics– the lineage. This would probably make sense as to why some people have memories of themselves in the past. But again, it’s just a theory.

I’m searching for an answer to this because of how the vivid dreams I have often come back– deja vu. At the time when I dreamt them, they seem impossible, but eventually they just happen, and it makes sense. Sometimes, they’re completely harmless moments, like being in a certain place and saying a specific line to someone. Other times, it’s the context that really gets me worried, like knowing that it’s the end of the world, or that I’m no longer in touch with this person but they’re talking to me.

Dreams are supposedly your subconscious thoughts. I can’t seem to make sense of this because a lot of times, my dreams are complete stories, or unfinished stories which continue on some other day. Sometimes, my dreams have contexts within themselves– memories of being there before.